Welcome to the Child Enrichment Center

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to see who we are as a childcare center and what we are about through our mission statement and philosophies. The CEC as we call it, has been around for over 40 years. Over that time, childcare has changed significantly. Our teachers today are more quailed and experienced than ever before, working to provide the best education and care for your kiddos as they develop during early childhood. Our teachers are constantly learning how to be educate and equip your child in preparation for success in kindergarten.

We believe in providing quality care, nurturing environments as well as a safe place for your children, we also believe in having a very functional and appealing center. We have just completed the remodeling of ten rooms at the cost of over $200,000. We believe the state of the art facilities and learning centers go hand in hand in providing the best learning environment. Learning associated with spiritual purpose is very important to us as well. As you know, integrity and morals are a key asset for today’s children, and we strive to develop character through Christian values that we believe will benifit all children and their development. Many visitors comment on the peacefulness of the center and the happiness of the children here. If you are looking for a child development center that really believes in meeting the needs of your child, you’ve come to the right place.

Thank you,

Pastor Rod

Letter From The Director

Hello & Welcome, The Child Enrichment Center director & staff welcomes you to our website.

Just a little bit about our center; The Child Enrichment Center is a faith based program and a ministry of City Point Church. We have been serving families for over 40 years and love what we do. Our main objectives here at CEC is to nurture children in the love and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and help each child grow to their fullest potential, focusing on the whole child’s mind, body and spirit.

For many, many years now all of the staff here have worked hard in building relationships with parents, children and families. We think it is very important to create a partnership with you to help your child’s learning experience here be memorable and one of the best ever.

Within each classroom we provide a well rounded program, using the Creative Curriculum Method, theme studies, and play to provide a stimulating learning environment. All the staff work together with families to meet each child’s individual needs. In each classroom we offer learning experiences in Bible Stories & Scripture, Art, Music, Science, Math, Literacy, Movement and Social Play. Our teachers take pride in planning and creating fun and exciting activities to give your child the best of experiences.

The Creative Curriculum not only encourages teachers to develop loving relationships with the children, it also supports our belief that teachers and families must work together for the child to have the best early education experience! To do this we work hard in creating partnerships with families of children we care for. We extend the early learning experience from classroom to home, and welcome parent ideas, input and help. Our staff here at CEC are trained professionals in early care and education and love what they do! Together we will provide the best early childhood experience for your children.

Thank you,
Patricia Inman (Director)

Infant Program

We have 3 infant classrooms that cater to the ages of 6 weeks to 12 months

Toddler One Program

We have 3 toddler 1 classrooms that cater to ages 12 months to 24 months.

Toddler Two Program

Our Toddler 2 program consists of 2 classrooms catering to the ages of 24 months to 36 months

Preschool Program

We have 3 phases to our preschool program. Room 110 caters to our early threes and four years of age children, room 134 caters to our four years of age and 122 caters to our five years of age children who graduate out to kindergarten

Parents Testimonials

My son Eli has had the privilege of attending the Child Enrichment Center since age two. While attending the center, I have observed my son grow and develop exponentially in his social skills, spiritual growth, manners and intellect. When he started at the center he was very shy and had a difficult time adjusting to the environment around him. Eli was able to overcome these fears through the competent development and compassion that the staff continued to show him. Eli is now age five and cannot wait to come to daycare during the week and often asks if he can attend an additional day during the week. The Child Enrichment Center has had a profound effect on my sons early learning and development. It is because of these qualities that the center has had on my son that I endorse the Child Enrichment Center to the highest extent.

– CEC Parent

We have absolutely loved the Child Enrichment Center!  We have had two children there since they were each around 5 months old.  Our son is still currently there in the one year olds room.  They have had amazing teachers, who truly care about them and there well being.  We couldn’t ask for more!

– CEC Parent

I have had 2 children attend here, currently just one and we have love it. The staff is so caring for my babies. Though we moved out of the area and tried different daycare facilities, I always had a draw to come back here. When my littlest one transferred from another facility at 6 months and she had a hard time adjusting. The staff all came together to ease her transition by giving her a little extra TLC. As a mother returning to the workforce it took so much pressure and anxiety off me to know that my baby is in good hands and it is okay to leave her there. My lack of star is just for the search engine optimization of the website content. It is hard to find CEC unless I am specifically looking for it. Such a jewel in the middle of the city should be easier to find. That is IMO but stuff like that is what I do.

– CEC Parent

Our DPP Preschool room caters to children ages 4 to 5, working with children who are getting ready to graduate out to Kindergarten. Mrs. Bertie works with the children preparing them for the next step to grade school. She works hard on preparing her students to be successful in areas of independent critical thinking, social skills, literacy, math, science, giving the children the skills they need for long term success in life.

The Child Enrichment Center works with the Colorado Shines Program to get new and updated information to make our center even greater than it is. Our center provides great quality care by partnering with different programs, great staff, and wonderful families, we take pride in building quality relationships with our families and the children we care for. Remember the saying, it takes a village to raise a child, we believe it takes all of us working together to create a successful program.