What is your curriculum?

 We use the Creative Curriculum and integrate Christian teachings from the Bible. The Creative Curriculum is based on the latest brain research about how children learn and grow. Teachers first create a relationship with each child, and then will develop a study based on their interests. Each study is flexible based on the children’s interest in the topic so it may last a week or as long as a month. The Creative Curriculum involves the children in learning about technology, art, social studies, literacy, science, music, movement and mathematics.


What place does religion have?

 We are a Christ-centered program and part of the Calvary Temple Church/City Point that is non-denominational Christian. We accept families from all faiths and teach basic Christian values and principles as well as stories from the Bible. Our teachers pray with the children, sing Bible songs, and strive to be godly role models.


What guidance strategies and techniques do you use?

 Depending on the age and development level of the child as well as the specific situation, different techniques are used. We use positive guidance techniques that include redirection, time to think and discuss, the “work it out” space, and natural/logical consequences. The goal is to help children think and discover the motivations behind their actions and possible solutions to be used in the future.


What is security like?

 Our school is protected with security cameras at the entrances as well as security doors. Upon enrollment each parent will receive a key-card to gain access to the building. A video monitoring system is located at our main entrance for visitors to buzz in at our reception desk. Our teachers are equipped with 2-way radios to stay in communication at all times whether inside or outside the building. Our best security is our wonderful teachers. Any person who the teacher does not know must provide photo-ID and be on the child’s authorized pick-up list before a child is released.


How often does the center close?

 CEC closes for the 7 major holidays, Good Friday, and 4 teacher in-services/trainings. We also close during Thanksgiving for 2 days and Christmas for 2 days. At the time of enrollment families will receive year calendar with all closures and events.


What is your illness policy?

 In general children who are too ill to participate in normal daily activities need to be kept at home. With illnesses that require antibiotics, the child must have a minimum of three doses at home or a doctor’s note saying the child is not contagious and able to attend group care. Upon enrollment families receive a copy of our Ill Child Policy, which lists symptoms to be looking for and when to keep your child home.


How does the wait list work?

 Our waitlist is designed as a first come first serve basis. Families already attending the center get priority for enrollment. The process to get on the waitlist is to schedule a tour and if we are a good fit for your family a form will be provided for parents to fill out.

Our program is open the entire year and enrolment occurs as openings become available. In general, we can give a month’s notice of when a space is available. Names are only taken off the waitlist by request or if we have attempted contact with no results.


What is the enrollment process?

 On a monthly basis the Director of the center will review the waitlist and classroom enrollment availability. When space comes available families, who are first on the waitlist will be called for enrollment. The enrollment process begins with a meeting scheduled to go over questions, fill out the enrollment packet for the center, and pay an annual enrollment fee (nonrefundable) to get families started.