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Tuition Packages

Tuition Packages
Effective January 1, 2021

Full Time*


Part Time* 3 days


Infant & Toddler 1

6 weeks-24 months

$400 per week $307 per week

Toddler 2

24 months-36 months

$327 per week $266 per week


3-5 years old & potty trained

$317 per week $256 per week

*Tuition Plans are based on a weekly payment plan which also includes daily Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Snack 

Registration Fee $200
Annual Registration Renewal $175
Key Fob Refundable Deposit $25 per Fob (Max allowed – 2 / Replacements $25 each)
Processing Fees $0.60 fee will be added for ACH payments
2.9% fee will be added for credit card payments

Please note: First Month’s Tuition is due at time of Enrollment 

Sibling discount 10% offered oldest enrolled child’s tuition plan